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If You Are About To Eat That Do Not, I repeat DO NOT Sit Beside Me On The Train

Chow asks “Is it rude to eat on mass public transportation?”  I would like to use this blog entry to answer that question.  My answer is an unequivocal yes; it is absolutely rude to eat on mass public transportation.  I think it is totally disgusting to eat on public transportation because public transportation itself is totally disgusting.  I have heard that the Washington, DC trains and buses are the cleanest in the country however I think only surface dirt has been cleaned. While that is okay just to sit for thirty minutes to an hour as you ride to work I would never ever want to eat dinner while I am on the train.  Chow wrote “you’ve been touching germ-infested poles, turnstiles, and armrests, so unless you have an antiseptic wipe you’ll be eating with dirty hands.”

Sure, I have popped a piece of gum or a small piece of candy in my mouth while I was on the train, holding it with the wrapper of course, but never a full meal or a king sized candy bar.  I am even appalled that someone would even consider it.

There are enough strange smells on the train (this includes B.O. ) that I do not need to smell someone’s food too.  I am getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

Once I saw a man in a pink shirt clipping his fingernails on the train and letting his nails fall on the floor.   I totally disgusted by him and I decided that he was a “girlie man.”  I am sure he would have been angry with me had he known my thoughts but I don’t know any men who would actually groom themselves on the train.

What if someone was eating beside him and a nail popped into their plate?  Now that would have been comical.


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  mknac wrote @

I wish th DC Metro police would go back to instantly ticketing people for eating/drinking on metro no questions asked.

Since they’ve stoped enforcing the eating/drinking ban the food trash is rolling around the train cars.

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