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Speaking of Friends on Facebook…Check Out Mine


They are so cute!!

 In a previous post, I wrote about Facebook friendships.  Since that post I have increased the number of friends that have slightly.  I have also increased the status of the types of friends I have on Facebook.  That’s right, Barack and Michellle Obama are two of my closest friends on Facebook.  You gotta love themSmile!!

As a fan of social media, I have been keeping up with my pal Barack through various sites.  As I said, we are friends on Facebook, I follow him on Twitter and he follows me, he emails me several times a week and I watch a couple of his videos on YouTube.  I’ve even received a few emails from Michelle.

 I think Barack Obama is a great choice for president.  I also think that being active on these sites helped him win the Democratic nomination

In the book The First Campaign, Garrett Graff wrote:

“Our next president must be one who can dream and really the nation around a common set of goals, and aspirations that can lead us forward-to change the expectations of the nation to better reflect the needs of a digital, interconnected, global age, where discoveries are made out in the heavens and in labs under microscopes, where bytes and bits fly around the world faster then our faster jets, and where one can talk to a friend in Bangalore as easily as to a friend on the next block.  Our expectations of the world have changed, and so must now our expectations of government and society.”

I wonder if Barack Obama or one of his staff members read this book.  It is like they knew exactly what to do and how best to use social media to win the campaign.  McCain and his staff better get busy especially if he is just starting to take the time to learn about the Internet.