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Are All The Cool People Twittering? I Want To Twitter Too!

I have been using Twitter for about three months now.  So far I am following nine people and six people are following me. I feel like I still haven’t gotten into Twitter as much as I would like since most of the people I know have never even heard of Twitter.  But I still like it.

According to, Twitter is getting a new look.  Tge wrote that Twitter is “trying to streamline its interface with its new design.”  Now I am all for redesigning web pages to make them prettier or more user friendly.  But, am I the only wondering about Twitter getting a system upgrade first.  I do not twitter often but it is pretty annoying when I think of something that is “Twitter Worthy” and I cannot get access because their are too many people twittering and the Web site cannot handle it.  I can only imagine that upgrading the site layout will only increase traffic to the Web site.  Will be able to handle all of the traffic?

And Another Thing:

As I look at my Twitter page I have to say that some people twitter too much.  I am sure the makers of Twitter love these microbloggers but I am starting to rethink some of the people I am following.  Some people twitter every few minutes and they are not people that I am that interested in keeping up with. I started following them because they were suggested by my teacher as some of the best and the brightest social media followers.  My goodness one of these people twittered seven times as of 6:45pm today and they twit like this everyday.  I am lucky if I get two tweets in one day.  Maybe the problems lies with me.  Maybe I do not twitter enough.  I think I will go post something right now.