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The Internet’s Long Tail

This is a picture that I saw online when I looked up Wikipedia under Google images.

According to The Long Tail by Chris Anderson Wikipedia is more accurate than Encyclopedia Britannica. I was really surprised by this since Encyclopedia Britannica is considered a more reliable source. Anderson also said that when information is incorrect in Wikipedia it can be fixed immediately unlike Encyclopedia Britannica their mistakes cannot be corrected until the next reprinting of the book.

I think  Wikipedia is so amazing. The thought that there is such a vast amount of information available and that anyone with knowledge of a subject can literally add their two cents.  For one of our class projects we have to chose a subject and either edit the existing post or add information about a subject that is not currently on Wikipedia. It seems that everything is already there. What more can I add? I have been thinking about looking at what they have to say about my home town or maybe even my husband’s birth country. I am sure I can drill him for something worthy enough for a Wikipedia post.

In addition to wikis, podcasts have become a very popular addition to the “long tail” of the Internet. Sometimes I listen to For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report as well as podcasts from  NPR’s Web site. As I searched the Net to look at various podcasts I stumbled upon This Web site allows people to vote on different podcasts based on categories. The award show is held virtually and more than 1500 people attended last years live stream of the event. There are a range of categories some include People’s Choice, Best Produced, Best Video Podcast, Movies/Films, Comedy, Education, and Cultural/Arts. This is a great Web site for someone who is new to listening to podcasts or just interested in finding out about podcasts.  There is definitely something for everyone.