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Thoughts on We The Media

The main point of the book We the Media is to describe how the ways we receive information has changed and will constantly evolve because of the Internet.  According to Dan Gillmor, the author, the purpose of writing We The Media was to “persuade readers that the collision of journalism and technology is having major consequences for three constituencies: journalists, newsmakers, and the audience.”


As I read this book I could not help but think about how a few years ago my mother discovered how easy and convenient it was to pay a few household bills online.  She was so excited about her new find that she immediately told my father.  To her surprise my father became irate with her.  He could not believe that she posted their credit card online to pay a bill.   Today, the man that could not believe his wife would bypass writing out a check and licking a stamp to pay a bill now has an email address and frequently makes financial transactions online several times a week. He finally got it.


The Internet has forever changed how we handle our personal business as well as traditional business models for large and small corporations alike.  In order to stay relevant in today’s society these changes must be embraced and incorporated into our everyday lives.  The Internet has changed many of our assumptions about media.  It not only allows people to pay bills and send emails, it allows for anyone to voice their opinions about whatever they want.  This includes positive or negative reviews of products and companies, and ordinary people can now become journalists and writers with authority.   CEOs, journalists, politicians, among others have to look ahead and rethink their business models to fit into this new form of media.  The Internet has taken over our lives it is one of the most important inventions of our time.  However, it is also rapidly changing and you have to either keep up or move to the side. 


Please keep up.