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Baby Momma Drama

I have a friend who has been trying to conceive a baby for the past five years or so. She has been posting her experience on her blog This Girls Journey and I have been following her encounters as she and her husband have tried to have a baby.  I am very happy that she has announced that she is in the early stages of pregnancy six weeks to be exact.  I am so excited for them because I know this is something they want and they have been trying for so long.
It is always so interesting to me that people who are mentally stable, financially stable, and mature have to try to have babies.  Meanwhile drug addicts, teens, and mentally unstable people can have as many babies as they want without even trying sometimes. 
Her most recent posts have been about all of the things that come with pregnancy.  Hunger pangs at 4am, morning sickness, lack of sleep and cramps.  As I read her post I go back and forth between using her experience to learn more about pregnancy and thinking I don’t want to have to go through that mess. 
Society says that it is time for me to have a baby.  All of the future grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on are ready.  But am I?  I am married and we just bought a house. In July, I turned 31.  I don’t have any kids right now but I know my window of opportunity is quickly about to slam shut.  Sometimes I think maybe I should go ahead and I have a baby right now.  But on the other hand I am honestly happy with my life the way it is and anyway graduate school keeps me busy enough.


If You Are About To Eat That Do Not, I repeat DO NOT Sit Beside Me On The Train

Chow asks “Is it rude to eat on mass public transportation?”  I would like to use this blog entry to answer that question.  My answer is an unequivocal yes; it is absolutely rude to eat on mass public transportation.  I think it is totally disgusting to eat on public transportation because public transportation itself is totally disgusting.  I have heard that the Washington, DC trains and buses are the cleanest in the country however I think only surface dirt has been cleaned. While that is okay just to sit for thirty minutes to an hour as you ride to work I would never ever want to eat dinner while I am on the train.  Chow wrote “you’ve been touching germ-infested poles, turnstiles, and armrests, so unless you have an antiseptic wipe you’ll be eating with dirty hands.”

Sure, I have popped a piece of gum or a small piece of candy in my mouth while I was on the train, holding it with the wrapper of course, but never a full meal or a king sized candy bar.  I am even appalled that someone would even consider it.

There are enough strange smells on the train (this includes B.O. ) that I do not need to smell someone’s food too.  I am getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

Once I saw a man in a pink shirt clipping his fingernails on the train and letting his nails fall on the floor.   I totally disgusted by him and I decided that he was a “girlie man.”  I am sure he would have been angry with me had he known my thoughts but I don’t know any men who would actually groom themselves on the train.

What if someone was eating beside him and a nail popped into their plate?  Now that would have been comical.